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Wholesale Landscape SuppliesWholesale Landscape Supplies


Orgro is a manufacturer and does not supply direct to the public. Our products include:

  • Sand
  • Decorative pebbles
  • Composts
  • Mulches
  • Under turf mixes
  • Garden soils


D and D Sand and Gravel

Address: 38 Jones Street, Toowoomba

Phone: 4632 7333

Garden City Landscape Centre

Address: 518, Boundary Street, Toowoomba

Phone: 4633 7933

Gowrie Landscape Supplies

Address: Lot 47, Old Homebush Road, Gowrie Junction

Phone: 0409 899 540

Mac's Sand & Gravel

Address: 30 Brook Street, Toowoomba

Phone: 4632 4697

Property Management Products

Address: Lot 16, Industrial Road, Crows Nest

Phone: 4698 1011

Torrington Horticulture

Address: 346 Hursley Road Toowoomba

Phone: 3630 4211

Toowoomba Landscape Supplies

Address: Bridge and Gowrie Streets, Toowoomba

Phone: 4639 2239

Stockists Delivery Request Form

Stockists can request delivery of product by completing the Delivery Request Form that can be found here and returning it to us by email.

Product Specifications

The specifications for our products can be found here >>