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waste managementWHAT WASTE CAN WE USE

Orgro holds a composting licence from the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) and can accept the following organic liquids for processing:

Trackable Waste (as required by EHP)

Waste Code Description

  • K100 Animal effluent and residues including poultry abattoir effluent
  • K110 Grease trap waste
  • K130 Sewage sludge and residues
  • K200 Liquid food processing waste

Non-trackable Waste

We can also accept other liquid organic waste that is not required to be tracked by EPH. These wastes include but are not limited to:

  • Hydrovac byproduct
  • Directional drilling byproduct
  • Muddy water

Please contact us to discuss what other Non-trackable Wastes we may be able to accept

Site access

Our manufacturing facility holds a composting licence and utilises heavy machinery in the manufacture of our products. It is also co-located with a concrete recycling facility. Therefore deliveries to our facility are governed by our Site Access Rules to ensure a safe operating environment. All delivery drivers are required to undergo a Site Induction before accessing the site.

To assist with deliveries a Site Map can be found here. A weighbridge facility is available on site.